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In June 2019, members of the EOS community got together for the 2nd annual BP Summit in San Francisco. Within the EOS community, getting together is always an opportunity to have fun and build things. Pioneered by community members, we'd like to introduce CampDAO.

  • Burning Man
  • CampDAO
  • Burning Man

    Burning Man is an annual nine-day gathering in the Nevada Desert (USA). It is a one of a kind festival, a big decentralized community that believes in collaboration over competition.

    • Anyone may be a part of Burning Man.
    • Burning Man is devoted to acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional.
    • Burning Man values creative cooperation, collaboration and interaction.
    • Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.

    The majority of people who go to Burning Man are part of planned, registered camps. Burning Man, in esssence, is decentralized collective of communities. Likewise, we aim to run CampDAO in a decentralized and cooperative way.


    EOSIO is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that emulates the attributes of computer hardware, including CPUs, RAM, and storage. The system is powered by the EOS coin, whose holders can access the distributed computing resources.

    • EOSIO is the most used blockchain software in the world.
    • The architecture designed to enable scaling of decentralized applications.
    • With EOSIO, users can interact with the blockchain without having to know how it works.

    By using EOSIO to run CampDAO, this project is a chance to experiment with and showcase how blockchain tools can be used to organize communities and events in a decentralized way.

  • CampDAO

    CampDAO is an opportunity to build relationships into other like-minded communities, strengthen the relationships within the EOS community, and to start a tradition that can grow and thrive by the will of the CampDAO hivemind.

    • CAMP tokens represent voting rights in operating decisions.
    • CAMP tokens can be earned by donating or contributing to CampDAO.
    • Members will be sent to CampDAO by holding a vote amongst CampDAO holders.
    • Anyone can contribute to the project.
    • Voting power will be proportional to contributions.


In July 2019, 10,000 EOS was donated to fund the launch of CampDAO, with 10,000 CAMP tokens issued to the initial founding members of CampDAO. Tokens issued are used for voting and managing all aspects of CampDAO.

Long-term, CampDAO will rely on member donations to continue to operate.

Tentative Camp Costs

  • Reusable Camp Infrastructure - $40,000
  • Food/Supplies/Spillage - $10,000
  • Art Car - $5,000
  • Bicycles $5000
  • Tickets $1200*10=$12000
  • Storage Costs & Growth Fund - $25,000+
Extra contributions will be used to bolster the camp year over year. Organizing groups who pool 1,000 EOS for initial donation to CampDAO will be designated The Guardians of CampDAO. As of this writing, LibertyBlock, NodeONE and EOS Amsterdam have pledged to donate 1,000 EOS to the project.

How to Join

If you wish to participate, fill out the form below, send at least 10 EOS to wearecampdao and join the CampDAO Slack and Telegram group. Anyone interested in participating or contributing to CampDAO, please fill out the form Join DAO

get in touch

Please contact us! We would love to answer any questions you have. If you are looking for a prompt response we are very active on telegram. Join Telegram

Our Location
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • (323) 849-0420‬
  • hi@campdao.com
Business Hours
  • Mon. - Fri.8am to 5pm
  • Sat.8am to 11am
  • Sun.Closed
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